8 Steps to Create Your 2018 Vision

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Happy New Year Pluminati!

    You’ve heard us say it before, and we’ll say it again: our vision is that you have a vision, for yourself, for women, for the world.

    The New Year is now upon us, what’s your vision for 2018 and beyond? Need some support in getting diamond clarity on your vision, goals, resolutions, to-dos this year?

    We’re here to give your vision precision. And we don’t mean with our Holiday Brow Collection. 😉 We’re talking your life, your whole entire life: love, career, health, community, et al. We want your dreams to come to life, so all of us can sparkle even more! ✨✨

    We teamed up with writer, life coach, and Kundalini Yoga teacher @sanja, creator of Sea & Shakti, to bring you her guide to creating a 2018 vision that inspires and is seen through to creation!


    Here’s Sanja’s 8-step vision setting guide: 

    Follow-along with her printable PDFs!

    Ready, set your gaze to greatness!

    1) Breathe in, connect to your heart, exhale, let the creative juices flow. Think about what an incredibly meaningful and amazing life would look like for you in 2018 - in all areas! Think about what seems impossible, but will be awesome to achieve and live out! Push yourself, don’t focus only on what seems attainable and clearly achievable.

    Seriously, Elon Musk is shooting a roadster into space to circle Mars, you can do more than you think!

    2) Define what you want to create and become - with clarity, a due-date, and clear measurements - in the following 5 key areas of your life:

    • Career & Lifestyle
    • Wellness & Health
    • Relationships & Community
    • Creativity & Education
    • Personal & Spiritual

    Double check: is your vision for each area inspiring to you (yes you, this is your life) do you feel a bit giddy but freaked out by what you’re seeing? Good. 👍

    (Psst: Danielle LaPorte talks about how to add soul to all your goals in these 5 areas in her book The Desire Map - it happens to be free for download right now, check it out!)

    Here’s an example of my clear, measurable, inspiring, and due-date driven vision:

    • Career & Lifestyle - Serve 10k+ people a month (online and in-person) with my coaching, writing, and experiences by May 30, 2018.
    • Measurement - 10K+ visitors on website, social media, and event statistics and a deep  feeling of joy and fulfillment every time I connect with someone new!

    3) It’s January 1, 2019, your vision has been achieved. Write out a day in your life on New Year’s Day next year with your entire vision fully realized. Use big descriptive words.

    Talk in the first person. The present tense. Today. You already did it. Note the smells, the emotions, all of the achievements and what they meant to you and still mean to you. Write yourself a diary entry from January 1, 2019. Got it? Now put that on your fridge, look at it every. single. day.

    4) Who’s starting to feel like their vision is amazing, incredible, but totally unattainable? 

    Let’s get clear on your existing skills and the resources available all around you, right now. 

    List your top 10 skills

    Identify the skills you have that will serve you in creating your vision. They can be simple generalizations or detailed descriptions; just write out what you internally possess that will help you. Some of my existing skills include: writing, 10 months of life coach certification training with Accomplishment Coaching, and 8 years of business expertise and knowledge.

    List your top 10 resources:

    Now list the tops 10 external resources that will help make your vision a reality. The Internet is a big one, books, mentors, teachers, and Oprah are others. 

    My top two resources are other entrepreneurs like Marie Forleo and my own life coach who pushes me to let go of and transform anything that doesn’t serve me.

    5) We’re all like puppies! 🐶 We respond best to rewards that keep us motivated, celebrated, and at our peak performance - besides, who doesn’t want another green beauty product? As you move toward the horizon of your vision you have to celebrate yourself and all your efforts!

    Keep the following list on hand to choose how to reward yourself when you achieve milestones and progress.

    • 5 small rewards: these are free or low cost. A bath or a specialty latte aren my favourite small rewards.
    • 5 medium rewards: these are a moderate cost and time commitment. A massage, a new book, or new green beauty products are great medium rewards!
    • 5 large rewards - think of more expensive and time consuming experiences. I Love day/weekend trips as large rewards.

    How will you reward yourself?

    6) Now, let’s get real! Can we be honest with each other and ourselves? Let’s identify what will help you and what will hinder you as you create your vision.

    What sources you:

    What are your sure fire energy sources to get you excited and ready to show up day-to-day? Spin class and meditation are mine!

    What drains you:

    What do you know will take you off course? What are predictable bad habits that cause sabotage in your life? My big one is comparing myself to others - especially on Instagram.

    What transforms you:

    Lastly, what do you know will create change in your life? What helped you achieve something that seemed insurmountable before? When I was faced with big projects and deadlines in my last career in digital marketing, I scheduled and time blocked all of my time and also took short breaks to walk in nature and clear my head. It worked wonders.

    7) Love yourself. The very core of everything you want happens when you take amazing care of yourself. Self-love and wellness is the stable foundation for an incredible vision.

    What will you do daily, weekly, monthly, and annually to take excellent care of you - so that you can show up for the world and everyone else? My #1 self care tip is daily meditation, it is so so sooo nourishing for your mind, body, and soul.

    8) What will you do this week in each of your 5 vision areas? What will you commit to that is exciting to start? 

    Practice beginning right now. Reach out. Make lists. Take big actions. To achieve my spiritual and career goals I am posting daily 3 minute long Kundalini Yoga meditations on Instagram live to share the love and hold myself accountable.


    Are you ready to boldly walk towards your vision and create it? Don’t be afraid to ruffle some feathers.

    Do you need more support? Leave a comment below and Sanja will respond! 

    Be bold - and not just with your brows. Here’s to your visionary 2018! 🎉


    Based on principles Sanja learned in her coach training with Accomplishment Coaching https://www.accomplishmentcoaching.com/ 

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