Clean Eating? Nailed it. Now it’s time for Clean Beauty.

There are books about it, magazine articles about it, and recipe books galore. Clean eating is on everyone’s minds and the benefits are unarguable. What we put into our bodies makes a huge difference in our health, vitality, and longevity. So now that we’ve got clean eating down and are making healthier choices, what about our beauty routine?

While we want delicious food without artificial ingredients or toxic preservatives, we should expect the same of our beauty products, especially when it comes to our eyes. We all want full, dramatic, beautiful lashes, but really need to avoid chemicals and toxins in the pursuit of them.

There is no shortage of dirty ingredients to be found in every day cosmetics. The same kinds of substances that do not promote longevity in our bodies when we ingest them often have the same harmful effects on our hair, skin, and eyes.

For long dramatic eyelashes, there are definitely a lot of quick fixes out there. But think of them as fast food. They’re effective in the short term, but harmful in the long run. The classic example being that cheap pair of glue-on falsies from the drugstore. Satisfying for brief period, but definitely bad for your (lash) health. If you want great lashes that are also healthy, hydrated and beautiful for the long haul - pun intended - nothing beats the effectiveness of plant-derived ingredients.

This is why NuvaLash is a great example of just that- Clean Beauty.

Everything that goes into our serum is natural. With keratin-promoting watercress to aloe and honey extract for locking in moisture, NuvaLash will keep your lashes healthy and hydrated, supporting the longevity of each follicle.

And if you're going to attach a little something 'extra', be sure to stick with well-established, well-trained, lash extension providers. Whenever possible, skip the glued-on falsies. There is nothing wrong with the use of high-quality extensions as long as they are properly applied, and it is always good practice to use a high quality lash enhancer/conditioner like NuvaLash throughout.

So, keep your kitchen and fridge clean, but don't forget about your make up bag and bathroom vanity. You, and your eyes, are worth it! 

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