The Best Lashes In History

Wanting full, feathery lashes isn’t anything new. When we look back through the decades, there has been many gorgeous pairs of thick dramatic lashes that have set the bar for modern beauty.  While they’re not necessarily real lashes, they are most definitely iconic. And they most definitely give us lash envy.


When you think about infamous iconic eyelashes, the first lady that comes to mind is Twiggy. A supermodel and actress in the 1960’s, she earned her nickname because of her thin build, but it was those big eyes framed by long lashes that became her signature feature.

Her doll-like lashes were always over-the-top. Some of us go for a pop-of-lip color, others love a bronzed cheek, but if you love Twiggy’s look, piled-on lashes is the way to go.

Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra

The statement eyes of Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra in 1963 are another set of beautiful eyes that came to mind when we thought about the best eyelashes in history.

With heavy winged eyeliner and smoky eye shadow reaching towards her brow line, her eyes were as dramatic as the story itself. Elizabeth Taylor played the ‘Queen of Egypt’ caught in a scandalous love affair. The film won four Academy Awards, though the production of it, with its extravagant cost and scandals between co-stars, seemed to also be as dramatic as the story and the eye makeup.

Minnie Mouse

We can’t forget about our favorite Disney Character. Though not as thick as Twiggy’s and not as heavily piled-on as Cleopatra’s, Minnie’s lashes are as long as her history. When we think about Minnie Mouse, we know the longevity of her career is hard to match. Something you might not know is that her full name is Minerva Mouse. Always portrayed as the damsel in distress, Minnie’s eyelashes are feminine, beautiful, and an integral piece of beauty culture.

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