My, what big eyes you have!

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Dramatic, beautiful, seductive eyes have one thing in common – they’re larger than life. Even if you weren’t born with big, perfect, Angelina-Jolie almond shaped eyes, you can still achieve the same look. Here are some of our favorite makeup tips and tricks to make your eyes look bigger!

Get rid of dark circles

Use a concealer that is slightly lighter than your natural skin tone to even out and illuminate your eye area. Allure recommends blending your concealer underneath and all around the eye, including your lids, to create a uniform base. Your dark lashes will now be the center of attention.

Wing it

Use a black felt tip eyeliner to trace the line of your upper lashes. For the cat eye look, exaggerate the line farther than your natural lash line. With that extra bold black crease, you’ll achieve that sexy 1960s look.

Try white

Normally when we go for big eyes, we use dark smoky colors. But by using a white eye pencil to color in the water line of your lower lid, you can instantly brighten your eyes. You can also use a light highlighting shadow on the innermost crease of each eye for an extra illuminating shimmer.

Accentuate your crease

It’s a trick as old as time, but it works. Allure suggests sweeping a medium brown eye shadow along the crease of your eyes from outer corners all the way to the center of your eyes. You will look bright-eyed and awake!

Long lasting curl

Cosmopolitan suggests blasting your eyelash curler with a short burst of heat from your hair dryer before curling your lashes. Similar to curling your hair, this will help your lashes hold their curl longer. (Remember to let it cool off slightly before.)


And of course, healthy long lashes are important. The longer and fuller your lashes are, the larger and more awake your eyes will appear. Our plant-based, natural lash serum is the healthiest way to achieve longer, fuller, eye catching lashes.

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