Plume scores a ZERO (and that's a good thing!)

Want to find out how clean your beauty products actually are? There’s an app for that. Think Dirty is an easy-to-use app that helps consumers discover the safest cosmetic products. Not unlike Plume's origin story, Think Dirty was a project born out of the founder's personal journey to discover products in the cosmetic industry that were truly non-­toxic.
Even though many products are labeled ‘natural’ or ‘organic’, there is little information, transparency, or regulations behind what these claims mean. With the use of Think Dirty, you can make an informed decision about what products to purchase. Simply scan the barcode on the back of your product and it will receive a score.
All products are rated from 0-10; with 0 being the cleanest and 10 being the 'dirtiest'. If a product scores a 0-­3, this means it does not contain any ingredients with documented potential negative health impacts. A score of 4­-7 means the ingredients have potential moderate, negative long­-term health effects. Lastly, an 8­-10 score concludes that there are potential serious negative long­-term health effects.
The scores are based on the published individual ingredients in the product, which are evaluated for carcinogenicity, developmental and reproductive toxicity, and allergenicity/immunotoxicity. You may be a little startled on your first use - as the effects can be alarming. But the good news is that Think Dirty is committed to helping us learn more about the impact that any given product can have on our health.
We are proud to have scored a zero as a company and with all of our individual products. All of the ingredients that go into our products are plant-derived and 100% natural. Ingredients like Vitamin E, Almond Oil, and Watercress nourish your lashes, helping them grow longer and fuller with zero negative side effects.

So download Think Dirty, start scanning your way to safer beauty products and don't worry about second guessing the safety of your products anymore!

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