Your Conscious Christmas Gift Guide

What does a "conscious christmas gift" even mean? 
        1. Aware of and responding to one's surroundings; awake.
        2. Having knowledge of something; aware.
For us, for Christmas gifting, it means being intentional. Being aware of the people in your life - what they're going through, what they love, what inspires them, and finding the perfect meaningful experience or gift to enrich their lives.  
Before going on a blind buying spree online or at the mall: spend 20 minutes and write a list of all the people in your life. Take a moment to think about them individually - think about special ideas that represent something they need help with, something they love, or just a gesture that shows your love and appreciation for them.
Then go out and find that thing/special momento/idea. Trust us, this slow-down process will save you stress, time in the mall, and will deepen the connections already in your life. 

Think about a stressed out, ultra-busy mom in your life: what would be meaningful to her? What is she longing for? Some things may be calm, order, TIME. Some unique and meaningful gifts for her could be: 

  • A few hours with a personal organizer – maybe they can create solutions for how to beautify & organize her closet, create a sanctuary in her home, create a separate space for the kids so she has some zen space to herself.
  • Or one night a week for a month with a babysitter. Not you as the babysitter – she’ll just feel super guilty. Set up a real babysitter, find/vet them, prepay, make it easy and something she can’t refuse. Then be her date or set up a night out for her man and her. 

Gift ideas for everyone

A Gratitude Journal:

Find a beautiful journal & include how to use: write 3 things you’re grateful every morning, different every day, in detail. 


To make it extra special:

    • Write what you're grateful for (about them) randomly throughout the book. They'll find these little notes as they go and it will give them even more to be grateful for. 
    • Write inspirational/funny quotes throughout the book. This only takes 10-15 minutes and will mean a lot for that person – they’ll probably hold onto it forever and look at it again and again.
    • Theme this gift around creating a beautiful morning ritual. Include some affirmation cards, a guided morning meditation from someone like Gabby Bernstein, and some delicious, energizing tea.  

Another idea is these beautiful fill-in-the-blanks books that guide you to share what you love about someone, why you're grateful for them, and why they're special to you. 


The extra-busy person

You know those chaotic, overwhelmed people in your life that always seem to be stressed and behind? What would be meaningful to them?

Did you know there are personal assistants you can hire for a day/a couple of hours? They will make your to-do list disappear and free up time for the important things.

As Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project says: "outer order brings inner calm". And what is better than the gift of calm?

Crystals - who doesn't love them?

This is a super thoughtful and personalized gift you can give to anyone as a gesture of love, healing, compassion, fun, and creativity.

Step 1: Find a crystal that really represents them - what they aspire to, what they are working on, or who they are.

Step 2: Print off a blurb that describes the crystal’s purpose and write how you think this applies to them. Write what you hope for them in life + your wishes for them with this crystal. Spread love, good intentions, and positivity.

Step 3: Make it an experience! Include a crystal meaning book, some essential oils, a meditation CD (or USB with meditation files on it), scented candles, and maybe a voucher for a class on crystal healing. 


For the beauty lover, new moms & anyone with lashes or brows ;) 

Part of being conscious is being conscious of what we put in (and on) our bodies, Let's choose (and gift) products that enrich our lives and support our health. Let's pick products that create lasting beauty from the inside out <3

Some ideas from our collection:

  • Our Lash & Brow Enhancing serum helps create bold, dramatic lashes & brows that look fantastic all on their own. Give a gift that keeps on giving and giving (especially when they get asked if those are their real lashes!) 
Plume-lash-and-brow-enhancing-serum  Plume-lash-and-brow-enhancing-serum
  • Our Nourish & Define Brow Pomade creates instant, dramatic brow transformation while you're waiting for the serum to work its magic. Bonus: it has growth-actives built in too!
  • Our Tools: these are beautifully packaged, last-forever items that any woman in your life will love. Both of these are super inexpensive (but don't look like or perform like it!)
  • If you want to really pamper a lucky lady in your life (or yourself), you can choose from our Limited Edition Brow Collection or our Limited Edition Lash Collection. These collections include everything you need for standout lashes & bold, sculpted brows. Plus, no wrapping needed- they're already sparkly, festive, and gift-ready when they arrive. <3

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Have you ever read a book that truly changed your life? Gift a copy to your friend, or sister, or mom and help shift their perspective too! The amount of transformation, inspiration, and joy that a book can give is a true gift for anyone. 

Step 2: Create an experience for them! Add in some fuzzy slippers (or luxe reading socks), a soft, cozy throw blanket, and a packet of tea. And especially if this person needs help relaxing, set the scene for them – inspire them to really indulge in self-time.

For the friend in need of inspiration & self-love:

    - You are a Badass by Jen Sincero

    - Mastering your Inner Mean girl by Melissa Ambrosini

Books for the Spiritual Seeker

    - The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

    - The Universe has your back by Gabrielle Bernstein

    - A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson

The-universe-has-your-back-book  the-power-of-now-eckhart-tolle  a-return-to-love-marianne-williamson

For the creative soul:

    - Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

The Troubled-Sleeper

What makes us feel energized, happy, and capable: sleep! There's so many of us that suffer from not-so-great sleeps, so here's some ideas for that rest-starved person in your life: 

  • Essential oils for sleep: lavender, chamomile, ylang ylang, bergamont, sandalwood, vetiver. Or find a blend that mixes all of these together! Also consider an oil diffuser if they don't have one. 
  • A gorgeous, luxe eye mask 
  • Pink Himalayan salt lamp 
  • Relaxing bath salts 
  • Sleep powder remedy 
  • Some luxurious pajamas 
  • Sleepy-time tea


Speaking of being conscious, let's think about gifting memories > material items for some of those special people in our lives. 

Getting tickets to an event is great, but think about how can you make it extra easy, memorable, and special for them? Some ideas:

  • Concerts - get the tickets, matching t-shirts or funny outfits for you both, wine for before the show, and a friend to babysit if they need it!
  • Lessons/class voucher for something they’ve always wanted to do: skiing, dancing, yoga, painting, music classes, etc. Include things they'll need to get started – a yoga mat, some paint brushes, etc. 
  • Ice skating or tobogganing! Ok, let's just start by saying - you are never too old for either of these and are guaranteed some laughs and memories. Make a cute voucher, include a couple of packets of hot chocolate, some fuzzy mittens, and maybe some earmuffs that they'll love!
  • Tickets to the theater, ballet, or any kind of show you think they'll love! Think about extras that will make this a complete experience: champagne, chocolate, something sparkly and fabulous they can wear out on the town. 

For great deals on experiences (and ideas in your city) check out sites like Groupon and Living Social!

And speaking of experiences, even before Christmas - take some time with a friend or your man and visit one of the extra-festive Christmas markets in your area! 


We hope you loved our conscious gifting guide! Let us know if you used any of these ideas or if you have other ones we've missed <3

Wishing you love, laughter, and lots o'lashes 

-The Plume Team

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