Creative Ways to Use Your Pomade and Brush

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Who doesn’t love a product that can multitask? Umm, no one!

In this how-to, we'll show you all the fabulous and creative ways you can use both your pomade and double-ended brush.


1. This one’s obvious: brows! Use your pomade to create natural looking brows, wispy brows, sculpted Instagram brows, heck, zig-zag brows if you so wish!

Pro-tip: use a lighter shade at the start of the brow and a darker shade from the middle of the brow to the tail. This will create a natural-looking ombre effect for those “blessed-with” brows.

Brow_pomade_ashy_daybreak  brow_pomade_golden_silk               

Jaclyn Houston wears Golden Silk & Ashy Daybreak

2. Eyeliner. This is our favorite! Use your pomade to create sharp lines, smudgy lines, or a smokey effect on your bottom and/or top lash line. 

Bonus: this is extra growth actives added to your lash lines for even more lash-growth potential!


3. Eyeshadow! In a pinch, we have definitely used varying shades of the pomade to create a neutral smokey eye. Use a light shade all over the lid, a medium shade towards the back of your lid, and the darkest shade in the crease.

This is a once-in-a-while look: the pomade does have growth-actives after all, so everyday use all over the eyelid is not recommended.

4. Dropped your contour palette? And watched it smash into a million expensive pieces? Apply your pomade in the same areas you would normally contour (cheekbones, sides of nose, frame around face) for a slimmed and sculpted effect.

  • A little goes a long, long way! If you do use too much however, the formula is very blend-able so you can smudge out any areas with too much product.
  • Again, this is in-a-pinch! Every now and then is more than fine for this trick.
5. As a root touch up! Certain Pro Makeup Artists swear by this trick in the makeup chair – dab a little on arid grey hairs when you don’t have time for that last-minute salon visit.


1. Again, the obvious first – brows! Use the brush to apply your pomade and the spoolie to soften harsh lines or distribute product where it has gathered.

Brush upwards at the start of the brow and brush sideways along the brow hairs from the middle to the back.

plume_brow_pomade_brush_application  brow_pomade_application

Model: Sydney Socias & Photographer: Christine Pienaar

2. Mapping and shaping! You can place your brush alongside your nose to determine brow start and on a diagonal to the outside of your eye to determine brow end.

Read our full blog on brow shaping here

3. Tame flyaways. This brush works wonders to tame those pesky frizzy strands that just won’t lay flat! It removes the static and puts arid hairs in their place.

4. Eyeliner applicator: use as an eyeliner applicator with your pomade or with your favourite cream liner.

  • Turn the brush on its side for thicker lines, use the angled edge for precise or medium lines, and use the very tip of the brush for those hard to reach corners. 
  • Adjust pressure to control color pigmentation. A lighter touch = more subtle lines and more pressure = more powerful pigment. 

nourish_and_define_brow_pomade_brush  nourish_and_define_brow_pomade

5. Exfoliate lips. Ever been on vacay or at your man’s house with dry, scratchy lips? Some quick circular passes with your pomade brush will leave your lips smooth and flake-free!

We'd love to hear your favourite non-conventional uses for the pomade and brush - leave us a comment on our Instagram with your top tips! 

All the <3 to you Pluminati! 

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