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How To Make Isolation Fun (And Reduce Gloom)

Posted by Courtney Macdougall on

So this whole sitting-at-home, social-distancing thing - it can get old quick! Whether you're working remotely, taking care of kids 24/7(!), or just off work for a while, it's a major adjustment for most of us. And while it’s easy to go stir crazy and possibly wither away of out of boredom, we’re here to with some ideas on how to find joy, connection, and fun in self-isolation!

Because the truth is, we can’t change the current situation, but we can change how we see it. We could see it as an opportunity to slow down – to experience those things we couldn’t quite fit into our lives before! Let’s find (and create) joy wherever we can!


Does anyone else's breakfast consist of a not-so-satisfying snack hastily consumed as you rush to the office every morning? Anyone else wish they had time for a real sit-down, lazily luxurious breakfast? Well, now you do! So, let’s take advantage of that extra time and make the most deliciously decadent morning creations. Let's have homemade pancakes on a Tuesday or one of those elaborate 20 step creations we see on Instagram!


You know all those makeup YouTube tutorials you have saved in your ‘watch later’ folder? Now’s the time to try some of them out! Create some next-level makeup looks because you can! And if it turns out terrible, umm you’re at home anyways! Now’s the perfect time to perfect that cat eye, learn how to blend eyeshadow, and become a brow shaping queen.

See our blog on brow pomade vs brow pencil for tips on perfecting your technique with each. 



Morning can be a beautiful time to set the tone for the rest of the day – to align our energy with positivity, to set our intentions for the day ahead, to release anxiety and future worries. Truly, how we start the morning can be transformative for our whole day. The problem? Most of us usually don’t have time (or we feel like we don’t) to indulge in an elaborate ritual while we’re rushing out the door for morning traffic time.

But now we do! While we’re all in this boat, try integrating some new grounding practices into your morning routine to create calm and align your day right from the start. Some of our favorite morning rituals you could try on for size:


Either sit quietly for as long as feels good for you (start with 5 minutes if you’re new) or try out one of the free guided meditations on an app like Calm or Insight Timer.


Either write down (or say to yourself) 5 things you’re grateful for in your life. When we align with the energy of thankfulness, we raise our vibration and can neutralize fear and negativity in that moment. When this becomes a daily practice, you’ll start looking for things to be grateful for throughout the day, raising your mood overall.


Especially during this time of uncertainty and anxiety, where we’re surrounded all-day with bad news, find a positive podcast to inject some joy and high-vibe energy into your life. Some uplifting ones we love: Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations, The Lively Show, Happier with Gretchen Rubin


Image: @sarashakeel

Breathe deeply

Breath is such a calming (and easy) practice that you can literally do anywhere at any time. Start with taking even 5 deep breaths – feel the air entering your mouth, feel your chest expanding, hold the air in for a few seconds, then feel your chest contracting and the air leaving your body. Such an easy practice with instant relaxing results that can last long into your day.  


Have you ever heard the saying ‘outer order brings inner calm’? If you’ve ever Marie Kondo’d your pantry or closet, you know that’s the truth! With all this extra time at home, think about minimalizing things you don’t need (we have a blog on how to get started), organizing the things you do, and beautifying your living areas so you feel better being in them all the time.


We are all waaay too practical and caught up in our daily routines. Let’s shake things up a bit and have fun in quarantine! Layer yourself in all your jewelry while you work, eat an ice cream sundae for dinner, wear heels in the bath, build an adult fort, walk around the house in a big ballgown. How to bring back the joy of childhood? Do things that feel fun (and seem ridiculous) for no apparent reason!




Instead of the abbreviated together-time after work/school, now you have a seemingly endless amount of time together. And while you might already be getting on each other’s nerves, this is only temporary, so while we’re all here, why not try to make it fun, connect with each other, and make some new memories! Play board games, hide and seek, do front flips on the bed, bake cookies and ludicrously complicated recipes together, build lego together (this is surprisingly meditative even as an adult), tell stories. 

And if you do fully lose your marbles, all least we'll all be there together! ;) PS let's all give ourselves a break in the productivity department - if screen time means sanity, that is 100% totally OKAY! 


You know that giant stack of reads you never seem to get to? Now’s the time! There’s a lot more time to fill and reading is a fabulous way to do it.


Image: @sara.shakeel


Most of us mortals don’t have lots of extra time for the gym. The good news in this moment: just taking away the commute to and from work gives us that extra window of time for a little sweat session! Browse through Instagram for at-home workout ideas: there are infinite possibilities for you to choose from. The boost of endorphins is just what we need to offset the fear all around us.


If you're like us, your feed is currently filled with lots of pandemic news and fear-filled content. To break up all that heavy energy, try following some accounts that are centered around being (and finding) the light in the darkness. Our favorites: @elizabeth_gilbert_writer@goodnews_movement, @gabbybernstein, and @marieforleo.


Let’s come out of this with a fun new skill or hobby that we’ve always wanted to learn! Maybe it’s the guitar, salsa dancing, yoga handstands, cooking, learning a new language, knitting or crocheting, painting – almost anything can be learned at home through the endless assortment of online tutorials.



The truth: everyone is feeling the impact of isolation, coronavirus, and the general energy of fear all around us. Instead of going into ourselves and taking on these emotions, how about we reach out to each other to spread love? Send a message to a friend you haven’t talked to in a while, write a real-life letter to a family member, leave love notes around for your partner or kids.


This crisis is hard and scary, but it has also brought out the amazing light that is humanity. Check your Facebook for local volunteer groups full of fabulous people ready to help those people who are deeply affected by this crisis. Maybe you can be one of those helpers, or maybe you can find the help you need. Either way, let’s share the love and come out of this more connected, with a stronger belief in the goodness of humanity!


Thanks as always for tuning into our blog – we are sending you so much love and light-filled energy!

- The Plume Team <3

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