How To: Declutter your Life for a Calmer Mind

It's Springtime! The perfect time to declutter and start anew as the incredibly zen, extra organized Queen that you are.

Inspired by the incredible documentary, Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things (seriously, watch it - it will change your life), here are some tips to get you started on your journey to a calmer, more peaceful life:  

1. Get rid of clothes that:

  • you haven't worn in six months
  • don't make you feel fabulous
  • you like but don't actually like wearing
  • are completely out of date
  • are 2 sizes too small or too big
  • are clingy or pilled or stretched or just in sad shape

Bring an honest girlfriend over for a wine and fashion show night. You’ll laugh, bond, and end up with a significantly more streamlined wardrobe with only items that you love.

Once you’ve made your ‘don’t love’ pile, take the expensive/designer/in-season items to consignment and donate the rest. Or: list them on the Facebook Marketplace, go to a clothing swap (or host one yourself!). There are so many easy, fun, and charitable ways to get rid of your excess wardrobe.


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2. Clean out your car! You'll feel amazing and so in-control of your life.

3. Get rid of Tupperware with no lids - just say goodbye!

4. Let go of the socks with no matches - they're not coming back. It's time to mourn and release.

5. Go through your pantry and donate all the canned goods you never eat. Throw out the expired stuff.

6. Books! Go through your collection and donate all the ones you've read and won't read again. There are awesome community libraries in every city, many women's shelters, and other places that would love your excess books.


7. Your makeup bag! This one is a biggie. Who doesn’t have 5 old bronzer palettes that have either smashed, have almost nothing left, and are probably expired that they’re holding onto? It’s time to get ruthless, keep only the makeup that you LOVE and use all the time. Also, keep those special occasion items (the glitter, the big falsies) in a separate place so you’re not digging through them on a daily basis. If you have only the brushes and products you use everyday, getting ready will be quicker and easier.

Bonus: this is the perfect opportunity to take inventory and start replacing expired/almost empty products with natural, non-toxic goodies like our Nourish & Define Brow Pomade. More green beauty #inspo below:

conscious-bee-natural-makeup-collection  benaturallyglamourous_beauty_collection

Photos: @conscious_bee & @benaturallyglamourous

8. This is the same for skincare! Let go of those products that didn’t work for you, that have expired, that you never use, and that you don’t love/use regularly. Keep only the standout products that you can’t live without, that make you feel pampered and beautiful.


Photo: Lilly Wallace

9. Get rid of basically everything you have packed in boxes that you haven’t used in years. Unless you find that one amazing, life-changing thing that you actually have been missing desperately. Other than that, you probably forgot most of this stuff existed and your life went on just great without it.

10. The notes section of your phone! Delete old notes and categorize into helpful groups so you can find what you’re looking for:

o Passwords and combos

o Helpful quotes and reminders

o Books to read

o Classes to take

o Things to do (this week/month)

o Grateful log (for when you can’t find your journal)

o Recipe ideas

o Date ideas

Wishing you a calm, clutter-free life Pluminati <3

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Photo by Sarah Dorweiler, Aesence.


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