How-to: Marie Kondo your Makeup  

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This blog is inspired by the fabulous Marie Kondo and her super addictive new show, ‘Tidying Up’. If you haven’t seen it – welcome to your new Netflix binge fest. 

If you'd rather read, she also wrote a fabulous book – ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ that is next on our list! 

While the process starts with tidying up and organizing, the end result is a more peaceful, joyful space (and life). Her methods teach you to tune into your own individual sense of joy. With practice, you’ll learn to follow that guiding voice in every area of your life. 

Here’s how to get started with your makeup collection:


Take a few minutes to visualize what you'd like to feel like when you're getting ready. This process is not just about getting rid of things, it's about creating the environment and life we want to live. For us, we wanted to feel peaceful and calm - not searching through mountains of products to find the items we want. 


Put all makeup and skincare products on a table together (in a neat pile). This helps you see how much you really have.


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Hold each item individually and feel if it sparks joy. Anything that doesn’t spark joy, put in a ‘no’ pile and everything else in a ‘yes’ pile.

Marie’s tip: start with an item that you know you love so you can see what joy feels like in your body. This may be difficult to feel so starting with the definite yeses will help.

  • For makeup and skincare, also consider: does it work as I hoped, do I feel good about the formulation, is it expired or still good, and do I actually use it?
  • Bonus points for multi-purpose items. For example, our brow pomade acts as a brow filler and a growth serum + can be used as a smokey liner or top or bottom (and will help grow when applied at the lash line). The goal: fewer items that bring more joy.


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Once you have your ‘yes’ and ‘no’ piles, it’s time to decide whether to give away or throw away the items. Even though you may not love a certain shade of lipstick or face mask, somebody else in your life may love it!

Tip: use this as an opportunity to host (or have one of your friends host) a girl’s night. You can each bring over your 'no items' and find their new home among your friends. By night's end, you'll be filled with more joy & less clutter, and will have inspired more joy in your friends.

Anything that is expired, mostly used up, or just a very regrettable buy, thank it for being in your life and throw it away (recycle where you can).  


Store your favorite items in a way that sparks joy.

Find beautiful and organized ways to store your products. Think about showcasing the items you love in a way that will make you smile whenever you see them.

Tip: keep like products together – skincare with skincare, lipsticks with lipsticks, etc. 

Step 1: find a place (or 2) to store all your products. Everything should be in one room and ideally in one common space. 

Step 2: organize items into mini boxes so you can see everything at once. Tip: don’t stack things – everything should be on one level so you can everything at a glance.

Other tips:

  • Find gorgeous containers to stand makeup brushes and tools in. 
  • If you don’t have enough storage, install some hanging shelves in your bathroom or wherever you get ready in the morning. 
  • The best place to apply makeup is in front of a window. Consider setting up your beauty haven in a location with lots of natural light. Create an area for yourself that feels calm and luxurious. 


Photo: @thebeardedbeautybible


    Take these principles into all areas of your life! Only keep, do, and choose what sparks joy for you! And don’t forget to laugh and have fun while you do it ;) 


    Wishing you love, laughter, and lots of lashes <3

    -The Plume Team 

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