In the era of the mandatory face mask, it’s all about our fave features - the lashes and brows! It’s a chance to go light on the foundation (or skip it altogether and let your skin breathe), forego lip products, and put all your time and effort into full, fluttery lashes and bushy yet defined brows.

Today’s blog is specifically about brows & how to maximize them according to your unique brow type!


If you’re one of those lucky ladies with brow hairs aplenty, you know this blessing comes with its own set of struggles –  mainly that there’s hairs everywhere! Our best tips to celebrate (yet keep under control) your bushy brows: 


Makeup: @jennanicoleofficial, Model: @pizzapizza_nisa, Photographer: @madelenelisella

Expert Shaping + At-Home Maintenance

Most important to tame those hairs into a flattering and manageable shape: visit an expert for the initial shaping. Once you’ve got the shape mapped out, the rest can be done at home! Tweeze stray hairs that lay outside your outline every few days – if you stay on top of it, your reshaping appointments can go down to almost zero!

Light definition

With bushier brows, it’s less about filling the holes and more about creating a pulled-together shape. Choose a hue one shade lighter than your natural hair color, and draw small hair-like strokes along the top and bottom of your arches. Place a few of those thin strokes in any sparse areas at the front of the brow also.

The best product for you: Nourish & Define Refillable Brow Pencil – perfect for the ultra-quick fill in you’re looking for, and it’s super forgiving if you make a mistake.


We have all been there! Whether it’s from overplucking, pregnancy, hormonal changes, or just general brow thinning, most of us have had a thin brow phase. Our best tips to volumize and bush-up your brows:

 Her pomade shade: Chestnut Decadence
Show them some love!

Step 1 is a nourishing, hydrating, totally transformative brow serum! For best results, apply our Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum 2x times per day in sparse areas. In 8-12 weeks (the average life cycle of your hair), you’ll see seriously boosted brows.

Fake it till you make it (with a side of growth actives)

While we’re waiting for those brows to grow back, an ultra-pigmented brow filler is your friend. And bonus – both our Brow Pomade & Brow Pencil are infused with growth-actives to help with brow growth while you wear them. How to choose between the two: if you’re new to brows, go with the brow pencil. If you’ve had some practice, opt for the brow pomade. Read our blog for more help choosing!

For the most natural effect, draw on individual brow hairs following the natural direction of your brow growth.


So, you’ve got lots of brow hairs but they’re not very pigmented. There’s two ways to help those hairs stand out more:

Amina wears our Brow Pomade in Endless Midnight. Model: @amina.aurdreyMakeup: @jennanicoleofficialPhoto:@milianeyes
Create your own pigment

Did you know: the Coleus Forskohlii Root Oil in our Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum not only grows your hairs, but also makes them darker?! Over time, you’ll see more pigmented lashes and brows. Hello natural lash and brow tint!

In the meantime

Opt for our Pomade or Pencil to darker up those brow hairs while you’re waiting for that natural tint to kick in. Focus on creating single hairs throughout your brows to create depth and darkness without blockiness.   

Both the Pomade and Pencil also contain Coleus Forskohlii Root Oil so your brows will look darker over time even when you’re going totally au natural.  


You’re pretty happy with your brows but would love an extra boost of volume. The answer: brushed-up brows (or a natural brow lamination look). How to make it happen:

Soap + Brow Filler

The easiest way to fake volume: the brushed-up brows look:

  • Wet your brush and sweep it along a clear bar of soap. Brush upward through your brows.
  • Apply in thin layers to build up the effect.
  • Apply brow pomade or pencil once you've created the shape with soap.  
Genuine Volume

Besides faking it with soap and brow color, you can make it real with our Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum. Apply all throughout the brows for all-over increased volume – 2x per day for fastest results!

For more application tips from the Brow Queen, Kendra Springer, watch her tutorial using our Brow Pomade & Brow Pencil. We also have a whole Q & A blog with her if you have any other unanswered brow questions!


How to make the most of your naturally far-apart brows:

Fill to maximize  

To balance wide-set brows, trying elongating the tail to create the illusion of a longer brow. Draw light upward strokes at the front of the brow, creating a lifted look. Thicken the back 2/3 of the brow, drawing a line slightly wider than the top of your natural brow.

Grow hairs in the middle

To close that gap over time, apply our Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum in those sparse areas 2x per day for fastest results. There will be a bit of an awkward phase where those baby hairs start growing in – resist the urge to pluck them out! Have patience while those areas fill in with more hairs over time.


If you’ve got those next-level bushy brows and want to say #bye to grooming appointments and #hello to au natural, we’ve got a couple tips for you:

Tweeze sparingly

You can pretty much let your brows go wild – except keep tabs on the unibrow region and any hairs growing too near the eyelid. Other than that, be free and let your eyebrows be!

Lighter is better

Since your brows are already so #major, choose a color 2 shades lighter than your brows if you want to fill them in. In your case, it’s about adding definition, not darkness.


Kiana wears our Brow Pomade in Endless Midnight. Makeup: @jennanicoleofficial, Model: @kianaalexisofficial, Photographer: @madelenelisella


For years, you had to choose between shades that are too ashy, too blonde, or a suspicious shade of nacho chip. That's why we spent so much time testing & perfecting our universal shade for you: Autumn Sunset. This shade celebrates those warm tones without overpowering your other features. Some tips to maximize your warm-toned brows:


Image: @hollybethmakeup 
Natural brow tint

If you’re on the strawberry blonde side of the redheaded spectrum, you know the struggle of next-to-invisible brows. While our brow pencil and pomade (in autumn sunset) will give you an instant color boost, even better is a tint that lasts! Our pomade, pencil, & our Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum all contain Coleus Forkskohlii Root Oil – a botanical extract known to darken lash and brow hairs!

Brush & fill for added oomph

May we all have brows as flawlessly filled as @hollybethmakeup! To achieve a similar look, brush up those brow hairs with the spoolie end before applying your color. Use individual hair-like strokes throughout the brows following the natural direction of your hair growth. Choose the pomade for more pigmentation, and the brow pencil for a quicker & more beginner-friendly option.



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