Our Plume Picks For Mom

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We picked our Plume faves for all the moms: from new moms who've just minutes (if they're lucky) for glam time, to our own moms who only make time for products that really make a difference, that multitask, and fit easily into their beauty routine. For all of the above, we've got you covered!


From new moms experiencing postpartum lash loss, to our mature moms who are losing length and fullness with age, our serum is here to 100% naturally restore her lashes to their fullest and most fluttery fabulosity.

curl & lift lash curler

For new moms, it's an instant wake-me-up, eye-opening, 5-second lash lift. For the time-blessed moms, it's major lash drama when followed by mascara. Plus, she'll love that little black satin dust bag.


What mom on this planet doesn't crave a more restful, restorative, glamorous-looking sleep? Our satin sleep mask feels deliciously soft and soothing against her skin, and blocks every trace of light for the uninterrupted, blissful sleep she deserves.


Gorgeous color and definition in under 2 mins, plus browth growth. Every Queen-of-multitasking-mom will appreciate the same do-it-all attitude in her brow product.

If you need help finding a shade, send a selfie to info@plumescience.com anytime or take our 1 min shade match quiz!

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