The Ultimate Guide to Going Green - Part 3: Where to find Info & Inspo

Welcome to part 3 of our Ultimate Guide to Going Green! 

This section is about making green beauty fun for you! Let's watch YouTube videos while we're doing our makeup, let's watch documentaries (with popcorn of course), and let's use convenient tools that make shopping easier. Let's just ENJOY THE PROCESS!

Instead of focusing on the toxins and the mislabelling (now that you're aware), let's focus on:
  • The beautiful products you can use instead, and
  • The amazing people that can help inspire you to find them! 


This list could be in the 100's but we narrowed it down to our top 5! Once you get started, you'll find so many fabulous ladies & gents who you'll love to follow. 

1. Organic Bunny

One of the original Green Beauty bloggers, and definitely our pick for Queen of Green, Amanda shows us how glamorous green beauty can be. She's also a tireless activist for industry change, and has a fabulous online beauty boutique where you can purchase all her top picks.


Amanda wears our pomade in Cinnamon Cashmere

 Other reasons we <3 the Bunny:

  • She posts almost daily ‘get ready with me’ videos on her IG stories. She shows all the products she uses, how to apply them, and #protips to get the most out of every product.
  • She is ruthless in her product selection – if she okays a product, it’s safe + it works great. Her standards are unshakeable.
  • She founded a non-profit dog called Bunny's Buddies that rescues dogs from slaughterhouses and dog meat farms in China and South Korea.
Check out her latest blog on her fave summer look (pictured above)
2. Katey Denno

Katey is one of the top Green Beauty celebrity makeup artists. She regularly does up the faces of Amanda Seyfried, Amber Heard, Isla Fisher, Claire Danes, Cara, Delavigne, and Felicity Jones. She uses only green beauty products, creates stunning red carpet looks, and is a serious expert on all things beauty.

Why this is exciting: let’s face it, celebrities' choices impact consumer choices tremendously. These stars can help inspire more people to embrace non-toxic beauty. Katey's pomade shade: Autumn Sunset 

3. Beth Follert

An LA-based, green beauty Makeup Artist & Educator, Beth uses only non-toxic products to create the most beautiful looks. Just take one look at her IG feed and you’ll feel seriously inspired.

Beth-follert-makeup-look  beth-follert-makeup beth-follert-beauty-makeup

Some of Beth's beautiful looks (photos from her IG feed). Pomade shades from left to right: Ashy Daybreak, Cinnamon Cashmere, Golden Silk

4. Lilly Wallace 

An Expert Contributor for The Detox Market, and Integrative Nutrition & Health Coach by trade, Lilly is major green beauty #goals. Not only is she stunning and very knowledgeable, her videos make you want to truly pamper yourself. She takes the time to honour herself in her beauty rituals and it will inspire you to do the same.


Lilly wears our pomade in Chestnut Decadence, click to read her latest blog on creating the perfect bronzey look for summer

5. Merrady Wickes

Merrady is the Head of Content and Education for the Detox Market, and is a seriously talented makeup artist. She creates many of the gorgeous looks you see all over the Detox Market IG, blog, and website. You can also find her gorgeous touch in the Thoughtfully Mag x Detox Market magazine! 


1. Makeuptia (Ashley)

A gorgeous and super sweet redhead, Ashley was one of the original testers of our newly launched shade for redheads - Autumn Sunset (you can see her first impressions here. We just love her genuine nature and all of product picks are #perfection. 

2. Cosmetics by Caroline

Caroline is the Queen of in-depth product reviews (and her focus is exclusively green beauty). She also regularly posts 'get ready with me' videos and celebrity makeup looks.

See her results from using our lash serum here. 

3. Aurora Holistic Lights (Aurora)

You will want to recreate all her gorgeous looks! We can't get enough of her accent and her tips are always very helpful. 

See her pomade tutorial (starts at 1:48)

4. The Glow Getter(Ailish)

Ok, for starters, you will love her gorgeous English accent (clearly we have a thing for accents). Also, her videos are super informative, she is very candid in her reviews, and she is 100% green. Basically, all the product vetting is done for you! Bonus: she uploads videos 5x per week! 

You can see her first impression of our brow pomade here (starting at 9:40).



1. Think Dirty
What it is: An app that rates beauty and personal care products according to their toxicity to the human body. It gives an overall rating from 0 – 10 (0 being ‘clean’ and 10 being ‘very dirty’). It also rates each ingredient for toxicity, and recommends alternatives where applicable.
Why we love it: we’ve definitely mentioned this app more than a few times but there’s good reason for that. Think Dirty is very easy to use, super informative, and we trust their rating system. It makes it easy for consumers to make quick, informed decisions.
How to use: just scan the product barcode into the app (or use the search feature), and the product information pops right up.
2. EWG Healthy Living

What it is: very similar to Think Dirty, this app rates products according to their toxicity levels for both the overall product and each ingredient. The one downside: it doesn’t recommend alternatives.

Why we love it: if we can’t find a product in Think Dirty, this app is our backup and it does almost as good of a job.

How to use: scan the barcode or search in the directory and your information appears right away.


1. Stink 

This documentary dives deep into the fragrance loophole and all of the potentially dangerous chemicals that could be hiding in your everyday products. A must watch for any green beauty convert.

2. Story of Cosmetics

A little bit dated but still completely relevant and truly powerful. Bonus: it’s nice and short, very informative, and easy to understand.

3. There’s lead in Your Lipstick

A very eye-opening book. Gillian Deacon, a breast cancer survivor, dives deep into the issues of greenwashing, how to read labels, and the impacts these chemicals can have on our long-term health. This is a great read; we couldn’t put it down.

4. Be your Own Beauty Hero E-book 

Another resource we’ve already mentioned, this e-book by Jeannie Jarnot, the Founder of Beauty Heroes is a super comprehensive, easy-to-read guide to everything green beauty. Jeannie herself is very inspiring and this quick read will give you all the tools you need to start your green beauty journey (and to make it fun and not stressful).


1. Indie Beauty Expo

A majorly Instagram-worthy event where you can discover Indie beauty brands, meet beauty bloggers, and learn what is new and up and coming in green beauty & indie beauty world. 

2. Well Summit 

Held annually in NYC, this event focuses on wellness is every area of your life - mind, body, and spirit. Experts and industry icons speak about nutrition, fitness, beauty, spirituality, your career, and really any area that you can nurture more for a richer, more meaningful life. 


1. Thoughtfully Magazine 

They describe themselves as 'an intentional living + wellness + self-care magazine in print'. Not only is this magazine gorgeous, it's the only beauty publication that exclusively features clean beauty. Beyond beauty, you'll find tips and inspo for holistic health, yoga, conscious eating, slow fashion, and everything organic. 

Thoughtfully Mag x Detox Market Spring Lookbook (Photo: @cosmeticsbycaroline)
Model's pomade shade: Chestnut Decadence
2. Well and Good 

Literally everything you ever wanted to know about wellness (or might want to know in the future) can be found within Well & Good. You could spend hours perusing their super helpful blogs on fitness, food, beauty, yoga, travel, home.


We hope you have fun exploring all of the resources on this list! Let us know if there are any other websites, bloggers, or sources that are musts for you. We'd love to know! 

Stay tuned for the last installment of our Ultimate Guide to Going Green: Where to Shop & Our Favourites. 

Wishing you love, laughter, and lots o'lashes,

-The Plume Team 

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