Sleigh this holiday with presents for them and treats for yourself – after all, it’s Christmas every day when you wake up with lashes for days! Peruse our gift guide for lash lengthening luxuries and brow boosting presents for every budget.



Plume Antibacterial Face Mask

An incredibly soft, antibacterial, ultra-comfortable mask to erase all your mask-related woes. The waterproof outer layer prevents droplets from seeping through, and the copper-ion inner layer fights bacteria. 

WHO WILL LOVE THIS: Literally everyone – women and men alike! It’s buttery soft, deliciously comfortable, and legitimately antibacterial with its copper-ion inner layer. The people whose days will be forever changed by this mask:

  • Anyone dealing with maskne: The antibacterial inner layer is designed to deal with the dreaded maskne and can be a godsend for anyone battling blemishes.
  • Daily mask wearers: if you wear a mask all day you know the nonstop behind-the-ear pain, the wet-mask feeling at the end of the day, and of course the maskne situation. We designed this mask with easily adjustable, super soft ear straps, a waterproof outer layer to prevent water and droplets from seeping through, and an antibacterial inner layer to fight maskne-related blemishes.

Curl & Lift Lash Curler

Give the gift of instantly longer looking, lifted lashes. Designed with every eye shape in mind, just one close of the curler creates next-level lift and elongated lashes that last all day long.

WHO WILL LOVE THIS: Literally every woman on this planet – this is single easiest way to look instantly more awake, put together, and gloriously lashified.

Plume Sleep Mask

WHO WILL LOVE THIS: All the troubled sleepers in your life. Or those living downtown where the lights are bright even at night. Our ultra-soft #Donotdisturbthelashes Sleep Mask is designed to block out every trace of light – giving them the pure, uninterrupted, ultra-restorative beauty sleep they deserve.


Glitter Cosmetic Bag

Keep calm and add glitter. Elevate all her beauty buys with this shimmering, ridiculously beglittered makeup bag! It will bring glitter-dusted joy to every lady on your list.

WHO WILL LOVE THIS: All the glitter gals in your life – really there’s never a bad time for sparkle.  

Sculpt & Refine Precision Tweezers

Create the arches of your dreams with ease. The precision angled tip grips every hair with true accuracy. Perfectly calibrated tension and precise slanted edges allow for expert brow sculpting.


  • The DIY brow groomers: the ladies who shape and fluff their brows at home will seriously appreciate there deliciously luxe, matte black tweezers that deliver on their brow taming promises.
  • The sometimes-brow-appointment goers: if she goes for waxing, threading, and grooming appointments but can’t make it every single month (and even if she can), these tweezers will make those in-between moments so much happier. She can pluck out those unsightly singles in between appointments and leave the all-over shaping to the pros.



Nourish & Define Brow Pomade 

Slip some brow magic under the tree for me! Our brow pomade promotes the growth of your brows while adding definition and color to your best feature – it’s a gift that keeps on giving.


  • Anyone with sparse brows: our super-pigmented pomade will instantly fill in those gaps, while growing back those missing hairs over time! They’ll thank you every time they see those fuller brows in the mirror!
  • Brow Aficionados: this is the clean, vegan answer for the ladies in your life who already own (and love) lots of brow products, but want a non-toxic version of their faves!

Nourish & Define Brow Pencil

Gift them a sustainably packaged, clean & vegan brow pencil that secretly grows their brows back while they wear it!


  • The sustainable clean beauty gal: for the ladies looking for sustainable beauty swaps, our refillable brow pencil will brighten up their xmas morning (and every morning after that). Plus, with a super pigmented payoff, she won’t believe it’s clean!
  • The 5-minute face gal: Our brow pencil is a match for those 5 minute or less ladies! It’s incredibly easy to use and creates a natural, #blessedwiththesebrows look she’ll love.

Read our blog: ‘Brow Pencil vs Pomade’ for help choosing between the two!



Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum

Santa baby, slip some long lashes under the tree! Our 100% natural lash & brow enhancing is beloved the world over for its lengthening, thickening, and volumizing lash magic.



  • Lash Extension ladies: extension adhesives dry out the lashes and can inhibit healthy growth. Our serum restores moisture and keeps her natural lashes healthy under her extensions. It will also help her extensions last longer by keeping more of her own lashes in place. 
  • Lash Damaged Ladies: whether it’s from a bad lash extension experience or some other mishap, our serum will bring her lashes back to life!
  • New Moms: pregnancy can wreak havoc on her hair and lashes. Bring her lashes back to life to the point that she doesn’t even need mascara (as if there’s time)!
  • Chemotherapy patients: chemo has the same effect on lashes as it does on hair. So many women have used our serum during chemotherapy to keep their lashes long and lustrous.
  • Women over 55: as we age, our lashes tend to thin. Our serum is formulated to bring her lashes back to their youthful fabulosity.


Whether you’re spoiling your bestie, mom, sister, partner OR going the ‘one for you, one for me’ route – these bundles will bring lash and brow joy to everyone on your list!

Limited Edition Lash Collection

Everything you need for long, lifted lashes now and over time! This collection includes:

Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum: Specially formulated by a master cosmetic chemist to promote the longevity and fullness of lashes & brows.

Curl & Lift Lash CurlerDesigned to pick up every last lash, you'll experience base to tip, drop-dead drama with just one close of the curler. Our distinctive handle design and luxurious,  rounded cushion deliver effortless, crimp-free curl for every  eye shape.


Limited Edition Brow Collection

Your all-in-one kit for full, flawless brows instantly and over time. P.S. the serum is designed for lashes and brows, so you can grow both with this kit! This collection includes:

Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum: Specially formulated by a master cosmetic chemist to promote the longevity and fullness of lashes & brows.

Nourish & Define Brow Pomade: Promotes the growth of your brows while adding definition and color to your best feature

Sculpt & Refine Precision Tweezers: Create the arches of your dreams with ease. The precision angled tip grips every hair with true accuracy.


Glam Kit

Longer lashes, bolder brows – have it all, wrapped in a glitteringly gorgeous beauty bag! This kit is a serious Christmas steal with $73 savings. The Collection includes:


Happy shopping Pluminati! May your holidays be filled with lots of love (even its from afar), and lots & lots of lashes! 

- Plume xo