The Ultimate Guide to Going Green - Part 4: Where to Shop & Our Favourites

Now that you know the why, the how, and the what, let's talk about the WHERE to buy all of these gorgeously green goodies. Plus, which product wins in every category (in our eyes at least). 

Years ago, buying green beauty was limited to the back corner of your local natural foods store and the selection was pretty limited. But now, green beauty is virtually everywhere. To make things simple for you, we split the green beauty retailers into 2 categories: 

1) Green only 

These are the ultra luxe, and beautifully curated retailers and e-tailers who have done the label-reading for you. These shops have stringent ingredient standards that every product on their shelves must follow.

Why shop here: you don't have to read a single label if you don't want to. Every product is clean and tested extensively by experts to ensure that it does what it claims. 

Credo Beauty 

Locations in Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, LA, NYC, Plano, San Diego, San Francisco. Some of their locations even have a full spa for you to luxuriate in. 


Image: Credo Beauty, Chicago location 

Detox Market

Visit Detox online or shop in person at their LA, Santa Monica, and Toronto locations.

Citrine Beauty 

Drop by their ultra-glam Phoenix, AZ location or shop online. 

Organic Bunny - online only 

Shop all the Organic Bunny approved products + her GORGEOUS monthly beauty box. 


Ayla Beauty 

Peruse their online selection or pay them a visit in San Fran! 

Beauty Heroes  

The first official Beauty Heroes store is opening soon in Novato, CA! 

Integrity Botanicals - online only 
Clean Beauty Market 

Visit their site or their bright store and spa in Mermaid Beach, AUS. 

2) Large Luxury Retailers 

These are the fashion/beauty stores you're already addicted to! These large retailers are rapidly joining the Clean Beauty Revolution and expanding their natural beauty lineups! 

Why shop here: the convenience factor of buying green beauty at a store you already shop religiously at. The only caveat: the clean beauty selection is somewhat limited and mixed in with conventional beauty products. This means your label-reading, resource-using skills must be put into practice. 


Why we love Nordstrom: luxurious products + uber knowledgeable staff + so many events and sales. If you're looking to stock up on your fave beauty products, these are the best times for your shopping spree: 

  • Winter Beauty Event (annually in January)
  • Summer Beauty Event (annually in August)
  • Fall Trend Show (annually from Sept to Dec depending on the store)


Plume Founder, Lauren speaking at Nordstrom's Spring Beauty Event


    Luxe natural beauty products alongside those irresistibly soft sweaters and delicious smelling candles you love.

    Shoppers Drug Mart 

    The Beauty Boutiques in this Canadian drug store are surprisingly gorgeous and their natural beauty selection is expanding ultra-fast. This is ultra convenient for us Canadians - you can find a Shoppers in even the smallest of towns and dozens in each larger city.


    Look no further for your new favourite night-out dress + all the beauty brands you love.

    Visit our retailers page for the full list of Plume retailers and e-tailers.

    How to choose the products for you:

    Most green brands have a hero product; a magical item that they’re known for. For us, it’s lashes and brows. That is where we started and where we focus all our research, love, and attention.

    This is a good place to start with each product - find out which brand is the expert in each area and go from there! 

    Here is a list of our team’s fave products from a whole host of green beauty brands! Of course, check out the selection at the stores we've mentioned above, and for more recommendations from the experts, read part 3 of the series: where to find info and inspo.

    Lash & Brow Serum – Plume! We are the only 100% natural lash serum that truly WORKS


    Foundation – Crunchi

    Powder – RMS Unpowder 

    Highlighter – RMS Beauty Living Luminizer

    Brow Pomade – Plume! Ours is the only 100% natural, vegan, growth-activated brow product out there!

    plume_nourish-and-define-brow-pomade    plume_nourish-and-define-brow-pomade

    Lipstick – Ilia or Kjaer Weis

    Deodorant – Vapour AER

    Blush – 100% Pure

    Eyeshadows – Lily Lolo or Ere Perez

    Mascara – we've been working tirelessly to bring you the most transformative, lengthening, volumizing, growth-activated mascara that your lashes have ever seen and IT'S ALMOST READDYYYY! Stay tuned beauties, we cannot wait for you to try it. 

    We hope you have fun on this journey, and of course, send us any questions or comments, we would love to chat more with you!


    Wishing you love, laughter, and lots of lashes 

    -The Plume Team 

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