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Transforming from Leaf Green to Feather Blue

Posted by Plume Cosmetics Inc. on

We’re re-inventing ourselves at Nuvalash. Every Diva deserves a once-in-a-lifetime makeover and name change.

With Nuvalash, we created a product that allows women to feel beautiful and glamorous using only safe and natural ingredients. We are growing from our roots in nature to bloom into a name and vision fit for the Natural Beauty Queens we are and love:



A soft, fluffy feather

A large conspicuous or showy feather

A token of honor, prowess, and distinction

Something (such as steam or eyelashes) that rises in the air in a tall, thin shape

Materials (as a feather or cluster of feathers) worn as an ornament

We are Plume Hair & Lash Science.

We believe that natural beauty is a science and that your eyelashes and eyebrows should be thick, luxurious, showy ornaments of your prowess and power.

We are thrilled to share our transformation with you. Come along for the ride.

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