If you’re a long-time, card-carrying member of the Pluminati, you’ve likely been waiting a WHILE for our next products to finally arrive. And seriously, all the love to you for your patience! The time has come for some very exciting launches, so let’s chat about what's coming down the line!  

In this blog, we’re chatting about:

  • What’s taking so long
  • Newness available October 21st
  • What’s coming in November
  • Products coming in the near future

What’s Taking So Long 

The common methods of launching a new beauty product are either to:

  • Use an existing formula and put your name on it (white-label)
  • Slightly modify a formula that your manufacturer/chemist has used many times - a formula that they know works. 

At Plume, we do things a little differently. All our products are developed from scratch. We love creating completely new products with zero sacrifices of any kind. We won’t launch a product unless it meets all the following criteria:

  • 100% natural & completely non-toxic
  • Vegan & always cruelty-free
  • Super effective and high-performing – as good or better than conventional luxury beauty
  • Growth-activated

New Launches – Available Oct. 21st 


We’ve heard from some of you that you’d love the option to buy the pomade on its own. You’ve told us that your brush lasts and lasts and doesn’t need replacing every time.

Well we hear you, and it’s here next week! The same pomade you love - on its own, sans brush. And bonus, it’s $28 instead of $42!

Extra exciting news: we’ll soon be offering a refillable option for our beloved brow pomade! #staytuned



Perfect for protecting your delicate lashes while you sleep, this ultra-soft mask is designed to block out every trace of light – giving you the pure, uninterrupted beauty sleep you deserve.

Designed with deep eye pockets for pillowy comfort, this mask puts no pressure on your delicate skin and lashes. Lash extension users will love this mask even more – a perfect partner to protect your investment while you sleep.

And if you travel – this mask will be your new best friend on long flights and among those bright city lights. Carry it in its luxe silver bag wherever you go.


Launching in November


Created in the same 6 shades as our award-winning Nourish & Define Brow Pomade, this dual-ended pencil is designed to be its ultra-precise, yet more forgiving counterpart. 

This retractable, ultra-fine pencil draws precise, hair-like strokes, fills the whole brow, and even works as a pencil eyeliner. Infused with growth-actives, you’ll see thicker brows and longer lashes when applied along the lash line #haveitall

And best of all: it’s completely refillable. Stay tuned for a full blog on our Nourish & Define Brow Pencil very soon!


Launching in the Near Future


Black as night and silky smooth, this liner goes on like satin and lasts all day. Nothing says vintage glamour like artfully winged liner. And while you flaunt your cat-eye drama, your liner grows longer, thicker, and fuller lashes.  



Our most requested, long-awaited, highly-anticipated product! We hear daily from you that mascara is seriously lacking in the clean beauty world. You’re tired of making sacrifices – you just want a clean mascara that works amazingly!  

We hear you and this is the reason we’ve taken so long to launch our mascara. We refuse to settle – we want everything we love about our favourite conventional, luxury mascara, except clean, vegan, and GROWTH-ACTIVATED! The good news: we are very, very close to our ground-breaking, life-changing, 100% natural growth-activated mascara. 


What we can promise from our mascara (and what our testers love about it so far):

  • Length, length, length – as soon as you apply it, and of course over time, your lashes will look longer, thicker, and fabulously fanned-out.
  • Volume you can build – we want you to have options. We know some people love a super voluminous lash, while others have a major aversion to anything that resembles a clump. So, you can start with one light coat or build it up to falsie volume.
  • Longevity: you can say goodbye to flaking, smudging, and that dreaded raccoon eye. Our testers have worn this mascara in heavy workouts, out in the hot sun, and in the extreme cold. Seriously, it sticks around.
  • Growth over time: since you wear it all-day long, the growth-actives have a major chance to get to work. While It doesn’t have all the active ingredients of our Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum, the daily wear means #consistency! And consistency = faster results.
  • 100% natural, completely non-toxic, and certified vegan & cruelty-free.

We’re so excited for you all try our newest Plume goodies! Which products are you most excited about? Leave a comment below and let us know!

-The Plume Team xo

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