Grow With Us, Responsibly

Plume is financing the next phase of our company's growth via the FrontFundr equity crowdfunding platform, where our customers can become owners of the Plume enterprise.

Please note, FrontFundr is only avialable for Canadian investors, however we are still welcoming American investors directly via private placement with the same terms, rights, and perks being offered on FrontFundr.


Quietly Building a Trusted Brand

Although we already have several years of performance already behind us as an innovative product development and research company, Plume is still in our infancy as a brand. In 2016 we raised a small funding round with friends, family, and business associates. That early funding saw us through the commercialization of our flagship product, paid for our patent and trademarks that we now hold around the world, and financed our initial start-up phase. In 2022 we opened Plume's owernship up to our customers and plan to continue funding our growth this way.


Our Business Philosophy

Good things take time. Rather than try to grow our business as quickly as possible and focus primarily on marketing and advertising, we chose instead to commit to research, development, and creating the best possible products we could through science-backed innovation.

In an industry filled with hype, questionable marketing practices, and even scandals, Plume has carved out our own tranquil and sustainable path to growth by taking as much time as we need to make the best products we can conceive of. We've done it on our own terms, and always with our customers as our top priority. By consistently exeeding expectations for product performance while using the cleanest possible ingredients and manufacturing processes, Plume has been able to deliver true innovation and a brand experience based on real, tangible, sustainable, results.


Your Invitation to Invest in Plume

Please visit our FrontFundr campaign for detailed investor information. Note, we can only process Canadian investments through FrontFundr but are accepting American investments directly via private placement.

Please feel welcome to send investment related inquiries, and all USA based investment requests to

We look forward to growing together in 2023!


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