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Please visit our FrontFundr campaign for detailed investor information. Note, we can only process Canadian investments through FrontFundr but are accepting American investments directly via private placement.


Quietly Building a Trusted Brand

Although we have several years of performance already behind us, Plume is still unknown to most. When we first launched the brand in 2016 with a single product, our Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum, we raised a small funding round with friends, family, and business associates. That early funding saw us through the commercialization of our flagship product, paid for our patent and trademarks that we now hold around the world, and financed our start-up phase.

Through our own self-funded efforts, and with support from the National Research Council, we were able to develop and launch our Nourish & Define Brow Pomade in 2017, and our Nourish & Define Refillable Brow Pencil in 2019.

In July 2021 our patent on promoting eyelash growth through an entirely plant-based composition was granted, coinciding with the development of several additional innovations at Plume that you will see listed below.


Where We're Going: New Product Innovations

Since 2019 Plume has been deep in a development cycle that has resulted in several exciting innovations that we are now ready to launch in 2022;


Nourish & Amplify Mascara




The foundation of our upcoming hair-care line is also well underway with the following core product release coming soon;

  • Restore & Densify Hair Serum
  • Restore & Densify Shampoo
  • Restore & Densify Conditioner
  • Restore & Revive Dry Shampoo


Where We're Going: Market Expansion

Making Plume available to a larger audience is already underway, and has been facilitated by our debut on Amazon through our partner Carbon Beauty, and in retail locations across North America through Shoppers Drug Mart (Canada), Credo Beauty (USA), and The Detox Market (Canada & USA).

We've been featured in Vogue, Glamour, Allure, InStyle, HuffPost, Well+Good, and The Social, and look forward to more press exposure as we grow.


Our Business Philosophy

Good things take time. In 2014 we first began the research and development on what became our Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum, and launched the Plume brand in early 2016. Rather than try to grow our business as quickly as possible and focus primarily on marketing and advertising, we chose instead to commit to research, development, and creating the best possible products we could through science-backed innovation. Rather than take venture capital funding (which was offered to us, but we turned it down) we focused on growing slowly using our own resources and through support from the Canadian government's National Research Council.

In an industry filled with hype, questionable marketing practices, and even scandals, Plume has carved out our own tranquil and sustainable path to growth. We've done it on our terms, and in alignment with the best interests of the people who matter most; our beloved customers. By letting the science, and our customers experiences of our products, do the talking, Plume has been able to deliver true innovations and a brand experience based on results, not hype or the trend bandwagon.


Grow With Us

We're very excited about the financial opportunity presented by the tremendous growth opportunity Plume now faces. Making the shift from being a clean beauty niche brand, much-loved by those who know us, to establishing ourselves as the go-to name across multiple categories for individuals around the world who want the best performing, cleanest products possible for their lashes, brows, and (starting in 2022) hair.

Rather than relying on bankers or venture capitalists to fund this growth, we believe that Plume's vision and values will be much better upheld by opening up equity ownership to the people whose interests are most closely aligned with the future of our brand; our customers. For that reason, we're pleased to announce that Plume is officially launching on the FrontFundr equity crowdfunding platform, where our customers, and future customers, can support us on our journey, and own a part of the Plume enterprise in the process.

Please note, FrontFundr is only able to transact Canadian based investments, however we are still welcoming American investors at this time directly via private placement with the same terms, rights, and perks being offered.


We look forward to growing together in 2022!






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