The season of holidays is one of joy and festivity, but it can also be challenging to strike a balance between the celebrations and being environmentally responsible. Every year, we produce more waste during the holiday season than at any other time of year. This can come in the form of buying new decorations, wrapping paper, or gifts for loved ones, all of which have a huge environmental impact. Fortunately, there are several options to make this Christmas season environmentally friendly, allowing you to celebrate the holiday without compromising your environmental principles.



One way to go green this Christmas is by opting for sustainable decorations and gifts. There are many creative options available now that use recycled materials or upcycled items, such as glass jars and bottles that can be used as candle holders or vases for flowers and plants. 

Our Refillable Brow Pencils + Refill packs are a great option for sustainable gifting! 


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Similarly, consider making your own Christmas cards using recycled paper instead of buying them at the store. Even small changes like switching out traditional plastic ribbons and bows with more eco-friendly alternatives such as hemp twine or fabric ribbon will also help reduce your environmental footprint.

The Christmas tree is among the most iconic Christmas decorations. Did you know that traditional cut trees are actually quite harmful to the environment? Every year, millions of trees are chopped down and shipped all over the world, which results in a massive carbon footprint. Not to mention, these trees often end up in landfills after Christmas is over. A great alternative is an eco-friendly potted Christmas tree that can be reused year after year. Or, if you're feeling really ambitious, you can even grow your own.


Another great way to enjoy an eco-friendly Christmas is by taking advantage of local resources. Shopping locally supports local businesses while reducing emissions associated with transporting goods from far locations. Additionally, some areas have farmers’ markets where you can find locally grown produce, flowers, preserves, honey, and much more that would make excellent gifts for family and friends this holiday season. If possible, try to shop for gifts online through local retailers rather than large online stores that mass produce and ship from different countries or continents.


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That goes for items you may eat off such as plastic plates or cutlery but even products you may put on your body…

When hosting a gathering this Christmas season, be sure to also keep it eco-friendly by opting for reusable dishes rather than disposable ones, which plastics take hundreds of years to decompose once they end up in landfills after being thrown away. Try using washable plates and silverware made from biodegradable materials such as bamboo or palm leaves instead! Furthermore, don’t forget about using organic food wherever possible; there are lots of delicious organic recipes which are tasty enough to impress even the pickiest eaters.


Additionally, our products have been recently awarded the Zero Plastics Inside Certification which means we are verified micro-plastic free by the Plastic Soup Foundation. We are one of the only eye makeup brands anywhere with this distinction. If you value performance, safety, and the cleanest possible ingredients you will be delighted by Plume.


Making small lifestyle changes can have a big impact on how much waste we generate during the holidays, don't forget to dispose of any food leftovers. it’s important to remember those little things like turning off lights when not in use or unplugging electronics when not in use also help conserve energy, thus reducing emissions produced by power plants too.


Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to you!

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