Our Patented hair enhancement technology has enabled us to build innovative, elite performing, plant-based formulas that deliver all of the results with none of the risk to our customers' health, pocketbook, or the planet.

Patented Technology

Plume's innovative approach to promoting hair enhancement received a US Patent in July 2021 and is present in every product we produce.

Patented Technology
Plant Ingredients


100% of the ingredients we use are derived from plant, mineral, and/or organic sources. We source sustainably, selecting Eco Cert or Certified Organic whenever possible and require that all of our suppliers maintain Cruelty Free compliance.

How It Works

"Composition and method for promoting eyelash and eyebrow enhancement exclusively containing naturally sourced ingredients."

- Plume Patent 2021

Forskolin, when combined with ricinoleic acid, elicits cellular effects similar to prostaglandin analogs, the only other scientifically proven compounds to enhance lashes. However, it does so without any negative side-effects. Forskolin and ricinoleic acid (castor oil) synergistically affect cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate) within the dermal papillae of the hair follicle.

Castor oil contains ample Ricinoleic acid, which's a selective agonist of PGE2 receptors (EP3 andEP4).. Castor oil has long been studied for effects on hair enhancement, but Plume made the discovery of it’s synergistic effect with forskolin.


Minoxidil is ineffective in more than half of those who use it* for stimulating hair development on the scalp. One potential reason is the relatively high amount of EGF it can stimulate, as EGF has been studied to hinder hair development when too much оf it is present. According to a post marketing study of minoxidil only 47% of subjects reported it as “effective”.

Through our patented blend оf forskolin and ricinoleic acid, Plume delivers a synergistic effect on cAMP at the dermal papilla cell receptor level by both stimulating PGE2 receptors, and suppressing PGD2receptors. This is thought to stimulate development of the dermal papilla itself, lengthening the anagen (growth)phase of the hair/lash follicle. Further, Plume potentially circumvents the epidermal growth factor (EGF) process typical of Minoxidil altogether. This would make Plume's approach a potentially promising alternative to compounds like Minoxidil for addressing thinning scalp hair.

Minoxidil helps increase blood flow to hair follicle by dilating the blood vessels.

This means more nutrients get to the hair follicle thus improving the appearance of the hairs.





Stimulates development of dermal papilla and lengthens the anagen phase.

Similar to Bimataprost, but without side effects.

*Source: one year post-marketing study on minoxidil 5% solution. Link