The Plume Antibacterial Face Mask

After wearing a multitude of fabric masks in many different designs and configurations, we were #soover the digging in, riding up, and just generally irksome, maskne-creating face coverings. And since masks are here to stay, we decided to take matters into our own hands and created the most incredibly soft, antibacterial, ultra-comfortable, flattering mask that will erase all your mask-related woes.


The Fabric – Super Soft & Protective

The outer layer is buttery soft and conforms to the contours of your face. It moves with you and feels fabulous against your skin. And most importantly, the waterproof design prevents droplets from seeping through for added protection.

Many masks can become a breeding ground for bacteria after wearing for a while. The inner layer of our mask is made of copper-ion fabric – copper is well-known for its antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities. It’s been recently registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection agency as “the first solid antimicrobial material.”

This means more protection against virus-causing bacteria, plus help fighting against the dreaded ‘maskne’ that most masks incite.


The Straps – Adjustable & Comfortable

If you’ve worn a mask for any length of time, you know how insanely uncomfortable those ear straps can be! Part of that is the size of the straps, and the other side is the fabric. We designed our mask with adjustable, super soft ear straps for zero pain or irritation behind the ears, plus easy adjustors to ensure the fit’s protective.

We’ve also stayed away from the ubiquitous tie-side straps. If you’ve ever struggled to tie all those bows behind your ears when you’re trying to rush into the store, you know it’s not exactly convenient. So, we thought outside the box and designed toggle straps that take zero seconds to adjust.

The Design: Aesthetic & Effective

While mask wearing is not about fashion, they do take up quite a bit of face space, so why not find an aesthetic, super-flattering option while you’re at it!

Mask designs are all over the place – either they’re too big and get pushed up into your eyes, or they cover too little and aren’t protective. Many masks sit in an awkward spot under the eyes (or are too tight in that area) and can push wrinkles upward. And while masks are not about aesthetics, if we’re wearing them anyways, we might as well find one that looks great on us! Our mask frames the eyes and hugs the face without ever pushing or pulling on the delicate skin around the eyes. I mean we don’t need added wrinkles on top of everything else, am I right?!




-The Plume Team <3

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