How to Choose the Perfect Tweezers For You

You might not think there’s much difference between your average drugstore tweezers and the ultra-luxury tweezers out there. The truth is, the difference can be staggering. But it’s not the brand or price tag that dictates how well they will perform. Read on for #thetop4 factors to consider when purchasing new tweezers. 



The most universally useful tweezer tip, the angled tip has 2 edges for a variety of uses. The long edge can easily grasp multiple hairs, while the pointed end can be used for very precise, single-hair plucking.



This style is used for plucking ultra-thin, very short hairs. As they are usually very sharp, a steady hand is essential. A bonus use of this tweezer type: splinter removal.


Used for pulling large amounts of hair, this style would work for a major brow overhaul. You know your bf’s brows that need a weed whacker to tame them? These are the tool for that job! Other uses: applying false lashes.


Your tweezers should be made of strong and durable metal. If you’ve had to replace your tweezers multiple times, they are not doing their job. A good pair of tweezers should last a very long time – potentially a lifetime.

Tip: keep the protective casing for your tweezer tips + put it back on after every use. This will keep the edges sharp and help resist any dents that could impact how well they grip. 

3. The Construction 

A quality pair of tweezers should have two important features: 

  • Lots of tension – when you press the tips together, they should bounce back to position quickly and with some force. If it feels too limp, there won’t be enough power to do the job.
  • No space in the middle – when you close the tweezers, the tips should come together precisely with no gap. You are trying to grab tiny, thin hairs so if there is any space, the tweezers won't be effective. Also, a strong grip means less painful plucking. 

4. The Finish

So we’re not going to lie, we picked matte black for our Sculpt & Refine Tweezers because we loved the look, but also for a very practical purpose: the matte surface stops your fingers from slipping down the handle and losing grip of the hairs. 


    Brow Shaping Tips


    Tips for a Better Tweezing Experience  

    • Position tweezers at the root of the hair in direction of growth, smoothly pull one hair at a time to avoid breakage.
    • Tweeze after a shower: The warm water helps to open the follicles and soften the hairs, making the hairs come out much easier (and with less pain!) 

      Creative Ways to Use Your Tweezers

      • To separate mascara clumps! Right after applying mascara, use your tweezer tip to separate any stuck-together lashes for that perfectly unstuck, fanned-out look.
      • Use as a cat-eye guide. Place the tweezer at the outside corner of your eye, pointing up towards your ear. Use this as a guide to create that perfect cat-eye with your liner.

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