Here’s the truth: $95 is not necessarily an impulse spend. But we're all happy to splurge if a product truly does what it claims. So how do you know? What makes a product worth it?

We’re all about doing our research as both producers and consumers – we only create and purchase products that deliver what they claim. We expect to be wowed by every product we create and consume! 

So, today we’re happy to share how we arrived at the cost you see in your cart – and why it may be worth the splurge! Plus, we’re sharing ways to help you evaluate other products and get to the truth behind the claims.


Our 100% natural Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum is formulated with transformative, natural ingredients that most powerfully impact your lashes and brows. We hand-select only the ingredients that truly make a difference and choose organic whenever available. We test and test to make sure our product delivers on its claims.

Organic, high-quality ingredients cost more but it makes all the difference. It means we cut down on contamination, pesticides, herbicides, and watered-down ingredients that limit a product’s efficacy and cause safety concerns.



Ingredient labels are listed from highest to lowest concentration. Usually the first five ingredients make up the majority of a product, so scanning those first few is a good indication of the level of active ingredients in that product.

The first five ingredients in many lash serums are inexpensive fillers like water or other other additives that serve superficial functions like solvents, emulsifiers, thickeners, or stabilizers. 

Our Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum is only made with nourishing, transformative active ingredients from the first ingredient on the list (Organic Aloe Vera), to the last (Carya Ovata (Hickory) Bark Extract). No fillers and definitely no cost-saving superficial ingredients included in these vital top 5 spots.  





While many companies sell lash & brow serums separately, we formulated ours to work on both your lashes and brows. How? Every ingredient is safe for use near the eyes, yet powerful enough to impact your brows. It means more active ingredients and A LOT of testing and innovating to find the perfectly balanced cocktail to enhance both your lashes and arches. We wanted to save you $$ and keep your routine simple with just one product to #doitall.



Choosing natural means ingredients only last for so long so we order less at a time to reduce waste. We order small quantities of ingredients and make small batches to keep our products fresh.

That also means we miss out on some of those juicy quantity discounts we might get with longer lasting chemicals. That’s definitely a price we’re willing to pay though for beautiful, nourishing, active ingredients.


While it’s cheaper to produce cosmetics in places like China where labor and production costs are incredibly low, we prefer to produce locally for many different reasons:

1. Human rights issues: when you’re paying next to nothing for production, it means those workers are being paid, you guessed it – next to nothing. Not to mention the continuous reports of human rights violations like child labor, forced labor, unfair working hours, and employee abuse. We believe everyone deserves a fair wage and a safe working environment.

2. Contamination issues: many products coming from low-cost areas overseas are found to be contaminated with asbestos and other toxic heavy metals. We keep our production local with high-quality facilities we trust so we can be sure of product purity

3. Visibility: we create every product we make from scratch – developing totally new, innovative formulas. That means we’re working side by side with our chemists, and visiting our facilities to tweak, hone, and perfect our formulas until we’re completely happy with them. Visibility also means knowing our products are made in a spotlessly clean, high-quality facility by people we know and trust.

4. Environmental Responsibility: Producing our products locally means saving emissions from regular shipping of products across the globe. Our formulas travel across the city to reach us, rather than across oceans.  


If you’re already a Lash Serum regular, try out our subscription option to save 20% on your fave lash & brow enhancing secret ;)

Wishing you love, laughter, and lots of lashes this holiday season

- The Plume Team<3

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