Your Guide to Brow Shape & Shade

Of course, our brow pomade and lash & brow serum will help grow back & fill in your brows. But in the meantime, let's talk about how to work with what your momma gave you (or what you're left with after pregnancy, menopause, chemotherapy, or those tweezer-happy years).

In this blog, we'll show you 5 different natural brow shapes & how we used our pomade to bring them into their brightest light! Plus, we'll explain how we chose each model's shade according to her skin tone, hair color, and natural brow shape.

1. Thin/sparse Brows 



The Shade: Chestnut Decadence 

How to Choose: Bianca's skin and hair works with either Chestnut or Endless Midnight. But because her brows are on the thin side, the Chestnut gives a more natural (less stark) color when painting directly onto the skin in some spots

The Shape:

  • We lined the bottom of the brow, following the existing shape. 
  • Built up her arch on the top (brushing pomade directly onto the skin, creating a raised outline).
  • Elongated the tail of her brow, making her eyes appear wider. 
  • Used the remaining pomade on the brush to fill in the outline we had created. 

2. Bushy Brows 



The Shade: Endless Midnight 

How we Chose: Dana's jet black hair works perfectly with Endless Midnight. Also, because she has naturally very full brows, the Endless doesn't look too stark. It blends right in with her natural hairs. Dana could also use Chestnut for a more subdued look. 

The Shape: 

  • We left her brows slightly unkept; the baby hairs adding to that "boy brow" look. 
  • We lined the top arch of her brow to the tail + thickened the middle where there was a 'dip' in the shape.
  • We lined the bottom side of her brows (leaving out the baby hairs).
  • We colored in the outline we created on the back 2/3 of the brow. 
  • We used the remaining pomade on the brush and drew light upward strokes at the front of her brow. You want to stay very light at the start of the brow to give that natural look.

3. Straight Brows 

Ainsley_before_brows  Ainsley_after_golden_silk_pomade

The Shade: Golden Silk 

How we Chose: The Golden Silk picks up the middle shade in Ainsley's highlighted blonde hair - really bringing out the dimension in her strands. Also, with her very fair skin tone, this shade adds just the right amount of drama without overpowering. She could also use Ashy Daybreak for a slightly bolder brow. 

The Shape: 

  • We lined the bottom edge of the brow (following the mostly straight line) 
  • Exaggerated her top arch by bringing the pomade onto the skin above her slight natural arch. This gives the impression of an arched, lifted brow while still maintaining her natural shape on the bottom. 
  • Filled in the outline we created. 
  • Brushed front brow hairs upward & used light upward strokes with the remaining pomade on the brush

4. Wide-set Brows 

Lindsay_before_brows  Lindsay_after_ashy-daybreak_pomade

The Shade: Ashy Daybreak 

How we Chose: Lindsay's light ashy brown hair works beautifully with this shade, and the slightly darker color adds a more dramatic frame to those gorg blue eyes! She could also wear the golden silk for a more subdued look. 

The Shape: 

  • To balance her more wide-set, straight brows, we thickened and elongated the tail - straightening out the abrupt arch at the back of the brow.
  • Lined the bottom of the brow, following her natural shape. 
  • Thickened the back 2/3 of the brow, drawing a line slightly wider than the top of her natural brow.
  • Using the remaining pomade, drew light upward strokes at the front of the brow, creating a lifted look. 

5. Gradual-arch Brows 

  Chloe_before_brows  Chloe_after_cinnamon_cashmere_pomade

The Shade: Cinnamon Cashmere

How we Chose: Chloe's slightly warm-toned brown locks work great with Cinnamon Cashmere. Her medium skin tone allows for a deeper brow color that really brings out her eyes. 

The Shape:

  • Lined the bottom of her brow - following the natural shape.
  • Lined the tail of the brow and elongated it slightly.
  • Lined the top edge of the brow, raising the arch slightly to lift the brow.
  • Filled in the rest of the back 2/3 of outlined area.
  • Used light upward strokes at front of the brow to create that ombre effect.  

Redheaded Brows

Our photo shoot for our newest shade, Autumn Sunset is coming soon. In the meantime, here are photos of some of our fave beauty gurus wearing the shade!

Lauren_autumn Sunset  Helen_autumn_sunset

@whollybeautiful & @helen_turner_

The Shade: Autumn Sunset

How to Choose: we formulated this shade to suit every shade and tone of red around! From strawberry blonde to mermaid red, Autumn Sunset will bring out the gorgeous warmth in your locks. 


If you're looking to fill in or grow out your brows, our pomade works fabulously! It contains two of the main growth-activating ingredients from our award-winning Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum. For even faster results, we recommend using the pomade during the day, and the serum at night. <3

All makeup done by: @nathalie_rose_bechard

Wishing you love, laughter, and lots o'lashes 

-The Plume Team 

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