6 Lash Types Our Serum Works Wonders For

1. light, barely-there lashes

Not only does our Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum add length and fullness, it actually darkens your lashes too. So, to all you blond, redheaded, or just lightly pigmented ladies, prepare for an all-natural last tint PLUS length!

How does it darken the lashes? Coleus Forskohlii Root Oil increases the melanin in the hair follicles, meaning darker, more noticeable lashes! A bonus effect you might not have even expected!

2. New moms

While you’ll have luscious-as-ever locks and lashes during pregnancy, afterwards they both turn on you. All those lovely elevated hormone levels drop and the result can be significant hair and lash loss. This is actually why our Founder Lauren created our serum after experiencing hair and lash loss herself.

Our serum works to brings your lashes back their fullest and lengthiest by improving the appearance of your lashes throughout the Anagen, Catagen & Telogen phases of the lash growth cycle.

Read more about how the last cycle works on our blog

Chelsea used our serum to bring her lashes back after her second baby.


Whether it was a lash extension mishap or an unfortunate encounter with a subpar lash curler, our serum will bump your damaged, broken lashes back into the growth phase quickly. Normally, a abruptly traumatized eyelash can sit in the resting phase for long periods of time. Our serum helps interrupt that cycle and improves the appearance of the hairs. 


Some of our most dramatic before and afters have come from women between 55 to 85! As we age, our hormone levels drop, and lash production slows. Lash follicles take longer to mature, and eyelashes lose their ability to retain moisture as effectively, often resulting in damage to the follicle.

Our serum helps to address both of these issues – speeding up the lash cycle + returning much-needed moisture to dry follicles and brittle lashes.

Keep in mind, it does take longer for women over 50 to see results, but hang in there–you’ll be amazed at the results after a few months of consistent use!


Our serum may be particularly effective for women who naturally have shorter lashes. Some individuals with shorter lashes may have a naturally abbreviated growth phase, but our serum aims to extend this phase. This extension may allow lashes to continue to expand outward for a longer duration, resulting in noticeably longer and fuller lashes.


Let's just start by saying that your lashes can never be too long! Even those ladies who were incredibly blessed in the lash department see added length, fullness, and oftentimes most dramatically, density - as in a lash in every follicle. Especially those who live in dry climates, who wear mascara on the daily, who aren't exactly gentle when removing makeup - the added nourishment from our serum can bring your lashes to their fullest potential.


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