Easy Ways to Make Every Day EARTH DAY

Happy Earth Day beauties! We are so lucky to be a part of such a green-conscious, connected-to-nature community. We wrote this blog of course for all of you, but also for you to pass on to your friends and family who aren’t quite the Green Queens that you are so that we can spread the #loveofearth beyond just our green circle!  

Many of us are so wonderful at taking care of our homes – keeping the yard maintained, making sure the roof is in good shape, ensuring that all of the surfaces are clean and in good condition, and the energy feels good in our space.

Now if we can all just transfer this same love and devotion to our original home – the Earth. Everything we have, love, use, and depend on in some way comes from the Earth. If we honor and protect the Earth with even just small adjustments, we can make a meaningful impact.

Here are some easy tips for how you can be more Earth-friendly in your everyday life:

1. Compost!

Some cities have programs in place to collect your composted materials, but for those that don’t – you can use your compost as a super powerful fertilizer for your gardens (or a friend’s garden if that’s not your forte). This drastically cuts down on trash in our landfills and helps return vital nutrients to the soil – you are literally feeding the Earth!

Not sure what you can compost? Here is a list to get you started:

  • From the kitchen: most foods that aren’t heavily processed - fruits, vegetables, egg shells, pasta/bread/peanuts/oatmeal/crackers, tea, nuts, crumbs, etc.
  • From the bathroom: facial tissue, toilet paper, cotton products made from 100% cotton (swabs, pads, tampons, etc.)
  • From your office: most paper products, pencil shavings
  • From your pets: cat/dog hair, dry pet food
  • In your yard: leaves, dead plants/flowers, grass

Read more about the ins and outs of composting through this wonderfully thorough article.


2. Use a reusable shopping bag.

This one is easy and such a great way to reduce the amount of plastic you are using. Plus, you can use these bags for more than just groceries – they are handy to bring along in your suitcase for dirty clothes, to separate laundry, to quickly gather up toys or items off the floor and bring back to your kiddos room!

3. Ride a bike or walk.

It’s truly amazing how accomplished, refreshed, and energized you feel when you start taking those small trips on your bike or by foot. Suddenly that 10,000 step goals is just too easy and you can eat that extra cookie (or two ;)) without a second thought.

Bonus: not only is this good for the environment, it’s good for your health. You’ll get more time to yourself, and time to look around at the gorgeousness of this Earth that we’re celebrating.


4. Go paperless.

It’s easy to switch all of your paper bills to e-bills and many stores will now email your receipt instead of printing. This choice alone can save millions of trees every single year. Trees quite literally give us the air in our lungs – they give us life!

5. No more bottled water.

There are so many drop-dead gorgeous, BPA-free glass and steel water bottles that are not only chic, but save you money on bottled water, and save SO. MUCH. PLASTIC. from entering our landfills. It’s estimated that plastic takes 1000 years to break down so this is the number one material we need to eliminate from our lives.

6. Go out and experience nature.

Whether it’s a hike, a swim in the ocean, a walk through the park, or a raft down the river, remind yourself why you love and want to protect this beautiful place that we call home.


We hope your Earth Day is beautiful and that these small shifts gave you a little inspiration to greenify your everyday! 

All the <3 to you Pluminati!

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