Here’s the truth: we are shade obsessed. We took our time with each of these shades – formulating, reformulating, and testing on countless women with every blend of coloring. Then we took their feedback, and fine tuned every shade until it was absolutely perfect and inclusive of all.

And we love making sure each and every one of you find brow perfection in whichever shade you choose. So, we’ve put together a little help-you-choose guide featuring photos you’ve all tagged us in on Instagram! So, look for your lovely face, take in the shade-selecting wisdom, and if you still aren’t sure, send us a selfie via email or Instagram DM anytime and we’ll find your perfect shade!

P.S. If you haven’t heard yet, our new Nourish & Define Brow Pencil is available now! And it comes in the same 6 shades as our cult-fave Brow Pomade. Ok, here we go – how to choose:


Who it’s for: If you have light blonde locks, fair skin, and like your brows on the subtle side, Golden Silk will be the perfect match for you.


Photos from top left to bottom right: @poppyavenuecleanbeautybar@jennanicoleofficial@jennanicoleofficial@danidonayre


Who it’s for: Our 2nd most popular shade, we recommend Ashy Daybreak for almost all natural and highlighted blondes – it’s the perfect dose of definition without any unwanted warmth. This shade can also be great for light brunettes that like a subdued brow.


Photos from top left to bottom right: @jaclynhouston@thegreenbelle@naturalbeautifullife@autuimmunewell@jennanicoleoffiicalVamp Artistry@conscious_bee@makeupbyjosephine@thetruespoon


Who it’s for: So, here’s the thing, the redheads of the world have been seriously overlooked in the brow department. They’re either lumped in with the blondes, must combine multiple shades, or are given a suspicious shade of nacho chip.

Well no more! This shade was created specifically for all you red-haired beauties, and is the most beautiful touch of warmth for every tone of red. It’s been tested and approved by ladies from strawberry blonde to ruby red.

Photos from top left to bottom right: @helenturner@nathanieldezan@whollybeautiful@ashley.aleese

“Most brow products I used as a redhead have either left me looking like Ronald McDonald or were so ashy they looked green compared to my hair. Autumn Sunset is the perfect happy balance of warm without being too dark… my brows look like they belong with my hair for once and they look natural.” - @whollybeautiful


Who it’s for: The holy-grail medium brown shade for brunettes that’re not a fan of warmth. It’s the must-have, totally neutral shade for those with light brown locks to you dark-haired beauties. Because it is a completely neutral medium brown, it’s flattering on almost any skin tone.


Photos from top left to bottom right: @poppyavenuecleanbeautybar & @vampartistry@thatgreenbeautylife@azra_greenbeauty@shesafashionista@jennanicoleofficial@aislynnmayartistry@jessicavictoriac@reginayazdi@berdeglow


Who it’s for: A deeper, richer version of Chestnut Decadence, Cinnamon Cashmere has a slight touch of chocolatey warmth that looks gorgeous on dark brunettes. If you have any warmth in your hair and love a defined brow, you will love this shade. Also, those with deeper skin tones, this shade will show up gorgeously against your rich complexion.


Photos from top left to bottom right: @jennanicoleofficial@aurora.holistic.lights, @keneisha_mclean@aurora.holistic.lights@jennanicoleofficial@adrilunamakeup@elviprettiness@jennanicoleofficial@purelynatassja


Who it’s for: A soft black shade, Endless Midnight is for all you black-haired beauties. It’s decadently dark, without the harshness of many other black shades.



We know, we know – we couldn’t just make it simple right! Well, if you’re a brow gal and love definition, or are extremely blessed in the brow department, there are some caveats: 

If you have dyed blonde hair with dark roots

And you like a more dramatic brow, pick a shade one shade lighter than the darkest shade in your roots.    ekaterina-murphy

Photo: @ekaterinamurphyHer pomade shade: Chestnut Decadence
If you’re majorly blessed in the brow department

And you just want slight definition: pick a shade two shades lighter than the darkest color in your hair. This way you’ll add texture and definition without darkening your brow.


Her pomade shade: Golden Silk, Makeup:@jennanicoleofficial Model:@mskianaalexis Photo:@madelenelisella
For an ombre brow

For next-level brows, try out the blended ombre arch. Choose the shade for the front of the brow according to the recommendations above, and pick one shade darker for the arch/end of the brow.


Her pomade shades: Ashy Daybreak and Chestnut Decadence, Makeup:, Photo: @theaprilcormier, Model:@maggiesutherland.citymodels


Thanks for tuning in to our blog beauties! Wishing you love, laughter, and lots of lashes and brows this Holiday season <3

-The Plume Team 

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