Extending the Life of your Eyelash Extensions

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As long lash lovers, we are well versed in all lash augmentation methods. Eyelash extensions in particular are a (relatively) quick way to get those fluttery lashes in just one visit.

Thinking of taking the plunge? Read on for all that you need to know before you book: 

Know What you're Getting Yourself into 

Can you commit to regular lash refills? Are you able to not rub, touch, or play with your eyelashes? Will you baby them and keep them safe? Once you have committed to the maintenance, you are ready to book your lash appointment.

Do your Research, Find an Expert! 

Look for a lash tech that has solid recommendations and plenty of experience – usually through a referral from a friend or trusted source will be your best bet. Choosing a reputable salon, spa, or eyelash extension-only establishment is essential. 

Make sure your technician is using a non-formaldehyde adhesive, and that their hygiene routine includes hand sanitizer, gloves, and clean tools.

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Maintain, Maintain, Maintain

You must avoid getting your new lashes wet for approximately 2 days after application – no gym or hot yoga sessions!

Avoid oil-based products near your eyes – this can disrupt the adhesive and cause the extensions to fall out.

Don’t sleep face down – this can crush and crimp the extensions.

Don’t rub the lashes – this means the less makeup, the better around the eyes.

Comb daily with a clean silicone or bristle spoolie wand. It helps to keep the lashes separated after being wet.

Protect your Natural Lashes 

Use a lash serum in conjunction with your extensions to help maintain the health of your natural eyelashes. A serum will:

  • Prevent “lash fall”, keeping your natural lashes (and the extensions) in place longer.
  • Will increase the density of your natural lashes (giving the lash tech more hairs to apply the extensions to)


Many women complain of damaged lashes after applying extensions – using a serum will eliminate this concern and will mean longer, thicker, healthier lashes during and after the lash extensions.

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