Besides channeling Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, an eye mask has so many life-changing benefits that are more than just aesthetics. Keep reading to learn how a sleep mask can promote better sleep, better health, and of course better lashes (our favorite topic)!

Total Darkness for Next-Level Sleep

Darkness is a non-negotiable for proper sleep. Why? Well let’s take a trip back to 11th-grade biology class for a minute. Our pineal glands produce a hormone called melatonin that signals the body to fall asleep and stay asleep. It helps relax our muscles, increases fatigue, and slowly drops our body temperature for a restful, deep sleep.

The only caveat to this magical sleep process: even the tiniest stream of light from streetlamps, nearby devices, and night lights can interrupt the secretion of melatonin, disrupting your body’s natural sleep rhythms.

Why does this matter? Studies have shown that low melatonin levels and poor sleep can lead to anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalances, poor concentration, and irritability. Not that it takes a study to know that a rough night’s sleep leaves you seriously snappy and super struggly the next day. Oh, and the best part of more melatonin: this hormone is shown to slow down the aging process! Umm, yes please.

So, this where a blackout sleep mask comes in. Our ultra-soft #Donotdisturbthelashes Sleep Mask is designed to block out every trace of light – giving you the pure, uninterrupted, ultra-restorative beauty sleep you deserve.


Better sleep for longer lashes

As with every part of our body, sleep is the time for intense regeneration and restoration. Along with melatonin, during the night, your body releases growth hormones to help tissues grow and repair themselves - hello, nighttime lash growth! Also during deep sleep, your cortisol levels drop, which of course makes you feel happy, but also lowers stress levels which can have major effects on our bodies (and our lashes)!


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How does stress affect lashes? Our lashes (and brows) go through natural cycles of growth, shedding, and resting. Stress disrupts this process by prematurely kicking hairs out of the growth phase. Instead of leaving the growth phase at their own rate, the hairs rush to the resting phase together and fall out in bigger numbers – sometimes at 10x their usual rate!

What this means: lowered stress can make a big difference in our lash length and density. And it can be as simple as a good night’s sleep.

Protect your lash extensions

The perfect partner to your lash extension investment, our Sleep Mask is crafted with deep eye pockets to protect your delicate faux lashes while you sleep. Most of us move around a lot during the night which means our extensions can get tangled, smushed, or bent while we toss and turn. Our #donotdisturbthelashes sleep mask is specially designed to hold your lashes in place no matter how much you move - and that means extensions that last longer!  


Protect your natural lashes

Our eyelashes go through a lot – we rub them (sometimes too aggressively and impatiently) when removing makeup, we tug on them when applying mascara, and we pinch them with lash curlers. I mean, hello – abuse!

So, after a hard day’s work of protecting our eyes from foreign debris (and making our eyes look fabulous), night is the time for lashes to rest. Our #donotdisturbyourlashes Sleep Mask cocoons your lashes in super-soft vegan satin eye pockets, preventing them from any disruption so they can go about their natural nightly regeneration.

The Perfect Travel Partner

If you’re a frequent traveler, you know the life of long flights, layovers, and bright city lights in foreign hotel rooms. The next time you’re fighting off jet lag (and trying to reprogram your sleep/wake cycle), a sleep mask will become your new best friend. By creating total darkness, you can trick your body into entering its sleep processes at any time of the day or night.

Not to mention, a sleep mask is the perfect detractor from airplane seatmate conversations when you’re just not feeling like chatting about the weather with one more person! Our #donotdisturbthelashes Sleep Mask folds up easily into its luxe silver bag so you can pop it in your purse or carry-on and take it wherever you go.


Are all sleep masks created equal?

While looks are one thing, functionality is another. Some sleep masks are purely designed for aesthetics and don’t effectively block out light. Others are made of abrasive material or irritating dyes that can catch on your lashes or wreak havoc on your skin.

You best bet: choose a mask that is specially designed to protect your delicate lashes, not irritate your sensitive eyelid skin, and function as the blackout mask you need for your best possible sleep.

The Best Part

In honor of our favorite month, Women’s History Month, receive a free #Donotdisturbyourlashes Sleep Mask with every purchase of our Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum during the month of March! To redeem, add both items to cart and use code SLEEPBETTER at checkout.

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